The last diner scene > So I walked into the bar & Prince Charming, Snow White, their kid and their grandchild along with the Evil Queen were sitting together… x)

With that said please please please please please please please please please please DON’T make Hook all whipped. I like his balance atm.

"Kiss Emma and remove her powers or everyone she loves die" Well… that’s not a tough situation or anything >.>

Before I saw OUAT, I always saw people comparing Damon and Captain Hook but hold on just a god darn second. Yeah they are both assholes. BUT Hook is not as selfish. Hook is a man of honour aka he did not go after the girl when Neal was in the picture. Hook cares about Emma’s familia and actually seems to be bonding with Henry not just faking it to be in his good graces like Damon does with Jeremy. Yes, he is vile like with the whole Jolly Roger incident and killing but he’s a pirate. Not that it excuses shit but comparing Damon and Captain Hook is insulting to Hook.


happy easter here’s a chocolate version of the cross our lord was tortured and killed on

Stefan And Elena - “The Boy Saw A Comet…” (5x18)

If she stops caring, you lost her.

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Hook: “Up close, she’s even more beautiful than I remember. Don’t worry my dear, soon you will be back in my loving arms” — Ariel: You do realize you’re talking to a boat” — Hook: You have your love, I have mine” x) Captain Hook and the Jolly Roger OTP


 i miss no emotions elena:






Even some delena fan know that Elena is better with Stefan..